Monday, July 14, 2008

Clean your teeth consciously

I've recently had the chance to review the new Recycline toothbrush from Mom Central. The Preserve toothbrush is made 100% from recycled plastic, including yogurt cups, which as a mom I've recycled way more than my fair share. The toothbrushes are available at Target for only $2.04, which is less than other toothbrushes I used to purchase in the past. My child and I each had the chance to use one and I had no complaints, it's a perfect toothbrush but what makes it truly outstanding is the efforts Recycline has made to use recycled products in manufacturing it.
The other terrific news is when it’s time to replace your the Preserve toothbrush, you can print a mailing label from the Recycline website and mail it back (for free!) to be recycled into plastic decking, picnic tables and boardwalks!
We are all committed to doing our part, large and small for the environment so it's nice when some folks make it easier by allowing us to use recycled materials the first time around and offer to reuse them again and again. Great idea and a great toothbrush!

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