Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ready, Set, Fire Truck!

Tis the season, I suppose, but reviewing Paz's Radio Control Fire Truck was something I signed up for awhile ago and M is certainly glad I did.

I don't generally buy plastic toys but I caved when I agreed to do the review after showing M a picture of it online and watching her lose her mind. Fire Truck! I'm a Fire Fighter! (She's been in a fierce firefighting stage lately) and when the package arrived I couldn't get it out of the box fast enough.

This truck is all about movement. It's got an easy to use remote control that enabled M to learn how to practice hand eye coordination and even a dose of patience while she figured out how to manuever the control to steer the truck around the kitchen without smacking it into walls. Luckily it's an easy venture (something pretty cool for a toddler to learn) and soon she was off and running and the truck was zipping all over the house.

It's got an easy on/off switch, but because M insisted on SLEEPING with the truck on the night it arrived I happened to find that switch around 3am the next morning (my fault, not the toys) and it includes four little people who can ride along, but to be honest those folks seemed like an afterthought and not a valuable part of the toy. They didn't hurt, but they weren't the main attraction. The movement, sounds, and lights stole the show.

It's durable, colorful and engaging, and it's also a bit loud (and even louder at 3am) so if you aren't one for noisy toys it's an important point to consider. All in all, plastic aside, it's a good toy for a toddler. You can check out what some other folks are saying about it over at Parent Bloggers too.

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