Friday, September 14, 2007

ninos y espanol es muy bueno

The good folks at Kids Love Spanish and Parentbloggers have teamed up again to offer some of us a chance to review their DVD series that teaches kids to se habla espanol.

I jumped at the chance because we've really been wanting to offer M the opportunity to learn other languages but are realistic to know that as long as we are only speaking English that's all she is going to learn. J jumped on these DVDs when they arrived and he and M settled in front of the TV and lo and behold, M LOVED them. They sat for over an hour watching various DVDs and practicing words. M took to it like ants on sugar - she can now count to 10 in Spanish, say about 10 animal words in Spanish, and can practice the Spanish alphabet (ha, I hadn't even realized all the extra letters until I watched the DVD myself...)

I think the repetitive nature of the DVDs really work - things are repeated again and again which gives the child a chance to say it over and over. And M will sit and talk back to the TV (not that I am necessarily proud of that) repeating azul, caballo, pez, uno, dos, tres...and I think it's pretty cool.

The graphics are pretty low tech and the videos can seem a bit hokey sometimes, but my initial reaction was minimized when I realized exactly how much M was learning. She will say words in Spanish when she's not watching the videos as well which is really amazing given the exposure hasn't been near what her exposure to English has been.

It goes to prove their brains are little sponges and the more we can show them the more they can learn.

Con Mucho Gusto, Compadres.


crazymumma said...


uno cerveza por favor.

Thats about how far it goes for me.

Languages are awesome. They open up other parts of the brain. And little kids pick it up so much more easily than adults.

Lawyer Mama said...

Hollis has been watching these & I've noticed the same thing. Now if only those little sponges would stop picking up my curse words!

FENICLE said...

This sounds very interesting. And kids do pick up this stuff faster than adults!