Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Long Overnight

As anyone with a baby or toddler knows, one of the more frustrating things is the amount of laundry that you have to do. It's a strain on you, and more importantly, the environment...all the washing and drying has an impact on our energy usage, and beyond that, it's just not cool.

I've used Pampers since M was born and felt they've worked well until the last six months or so. Recently she's been soaking through her diaper about 20% of the time, so that 20% means I am washing blankets, sheets and pajamas at an abnormal rate. More so, my poor child is sleeping in some seriously wet ick.

So when I was offered the chance to try Huggies Overnights I jumped at the chance. M took to them immediately; her new diapers with LIONS on them. LIONS! The world was alight with the sounds of a happy child strutting around the room in her new sleepytime diapers and all was well with the world.

The first night was epic. Not only did M wake up with what J termed the biggest load in the history of the world, but she was perfectly dry. I was in love. Huggies and I were a match made in heaven, I was sure of it.

But things went a bit downhill after that. We used the diapers every night for the next two weeks and M soaked through her diaper at least 60% of the time. Each morning it happened I would wake up in anticipation and more than half the time I was crushed. Why was my new love foresaking me? What had I done? Where had it gone wrong? Was it me?

The questions mounted. We tried different strategies; a looser fit one night, a tighter one the next. At one point J put his foot down. No More Huggies. It's not a move he makes often, so I knew it was serious.

Mayhem insued. The LIONS! M was hysterical. She loved her new diapers. She needed her new diapers like a kitten needs milk. The LIONS! But J wouldn't budge. And my washer and dryer were begging for a reprieve.

I was left with no choice. Huggies Overnights and I had to break up. But I've read a number of other reviews and others are having much more success. I think it's safe to say that no one diaper fits all. So don't just take my word for it - be sure to check out all the reviews at Parent Bloggers. I hear if you leave a comment at Parent Bloggers you have a chance at winning a free package and then you can see for yourself.


crazymumma said...

Babe, how much is she drinking before bed? Maybe there is no diaper that can hold the capacity a warrior in training drinks before bed.

(ya I know easy for me to say, I've forgotten what a diaper looks like....except when I sneeze).

Susanne said...

In addition to what crazymumma said I'd recommend changing her (or sitting her on the potty, whatever) first thing in the moment. That was the crucial step for us. It turned out that our son didn't need that thick diapers through the night, the problem was the morning after he woke up.

Only one more year or so...

Lisa said...

I am with ya on the overnights. Right now we're using Pampers which haven't leaked in a while, but we usually buy the Safeway brand which often leaked. I think he's changing his uh, habits, some too tho.

mamatulip said...

They didn't work for us, either. Don't feel bad. :)

theflyingmum said...

Ben still wears a pull-up every night, and still soaks them, though not through them. They are (hang on, running into Ben's room to check the package...) Ah, yes - Pampers "Feel-n-Learn" - the concept being that they "feel" the wetness when they pee, and then "learn" to get themselves into the bathroom to finish the job? Ben is a very sound sleeper. But rarely do I have to change the sheets/blankets.

Suburban Hostage said...

Dude, you MUST find some "doublers!" Here they are sold at Publix grocery store. A big pack costs less than $3. They are pads that you put in a regular diaper to absorb the extra fluid. I put two in Babe's diaper every night. So much less than nighttime diapers and they actually work. Let me know if you can't find them and I will look at the pack to see who makes them.

Mallory said...

From the Saturn review I can tell y'all have some crunchy granola in you, so may I suggest g-diapers? Http:// They are flushable, biodegradable disposables. You get the convenience of a disposable without the guilt and bonus! flushable means no nasty dirty diapers stinking up your garbage. If you can afford Pampers, these should be no problem.

Drew's Mom said...

OH, I so remember my daughter soaking through her diaper! It happened for weeks - tried every diaper there was - no success.

We finally started limiting fluid intake after dinner. Only a "tiny water" as she says with snack/bed. That made all the soaking through the diaper go away. And then she was back to sleeping through the night...Oh, and Mom was happy!